Best external hard drive for mac and ps3

For this, you will need to get a best internal or external hard drive for PS3.

How to backup PS3/4 hard drive?

There are many options to choose from the PlayStation 3 hard drive, but you must have to go with the best in class depending on the space, performance and compatibility you require. It has a standard two-disk design which is mainly intended to use in notebook PCs, gaming consoles like PlayStation 3, as an external storage and for the other mobile applications. The increased driver capacities and improved capabilities of error corrections make it the best hard drive for PS3.

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If you want to store some of the best PlayStation 3 games only, then this PS3 internal hard drive is the perfection option to choose. If you have a PlayStation 3 with less memory and want to upgrade to something affordable and efficient, then you should go for this HDD. It comes with a one touch backup software for windows. Again, type in ' cd desktop' which will navigate you to your desktop directory.

Click on Enter to begin formatting. Step 4. Remove the external hard drive after it is done with formatting. If the PS3 recognizes it, you've successfully formatted it, and set it up for PS3. You can select the necessary files, and put 'em into it, and later on, in your PC. It will hardly take you 10 minutes to carry out this process. Now, when you're through with knowing the process, download as many games as you want, without worrying about their size.

Your external hard drive will give you that extra space to stuff all your games and media files into it. Share This. How to Use an External Hard Drive. External Hard Drive Reviews. Best External Hard Drive for a Mac. PS3 Slim Problems. Best Gaming Headsets for PS3. Which is Better - PS3 or Xbox ? PS3 3D Games List. How to Download PS3 Games. Click Start , then click OK. Doing so begins the formatting procedure. This process' length will vary depending on your computer's age and the drive's size. Click OK when prompted. You'll do so on the pop-up window letting you know that your hard drive has been formatted.

Double-click your external hard drive. It should still be listed in the This PC window. Create four folders in your hard drive.

How to Format a New External Drive For Use With An Apple Mac – 7dayshop Blog

To do so, either right-click the hard drive's window, select New , and click New Folder , or click Home at the top of the window and then click New Folder. Close This PC and remove your hard drive. You are now ready to attach your external hard drive to your PS3. If you want to add music, photos, or videos to your hard drive before attaching it to your PlayStation 3, place them in the appropriate folders e. Some Mac computers don't have USB ports, although you can buy an adapter. Open the Finder.

It's a blue, face-like app in your Mac's dock. Use two fingers to click the hard drive's name.

Play movies and music from external hard drive on PlayStation 3

It's on the left side of the Finder window. Click Get Info. This option is in the middle of the drop-down menu. Look at the "Format" value. You'll see the "Format" heading in the General group of information. If the format here doesn't have "FAT32" listed, you must format your hard drive for PS3 compatibility before continuing. If the hard drive does have "FAT32" listed next to "Format", you can proceed with attaching your hard drive to your PS3.

Open Spotlight.

PS3 HDD limit?

Click the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of your Mac's screen to do so. Type disk utility into Spotlight.

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Doing so will bring up a list of matching programs on your Mac. Click Disk Utility. It should be the top option in the Spotlight search results. Click the Erase tab. This option is at the top of the Disk Utility window. This option is in the drop-down menu. Doing so will set your hard drive's format preference as FAT32, which is compatible with PS3 architecture.

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You may also need to add a name to your hard drive in the field below this one. Click Erase. It's at the bottom of the page. Doing so will erase and re-format your hard drive; when the process is done, you can exit the Disk Utility. Naturally, this will erase your hard drive. If you have any sensitive information on your hard drive, first copy it to your computer. Open the Finder, then select your hard drive.

The hard drive's now-blank window will appear. To do so, either click File in the top-left side of the page and then click New Folder , or tap the trackpad with two fingers and then click New Folder. Remove your hard drive. You're now ready to attach your hard drive to the PS3. Attach the hard drive to the PlayStation 3. Turn on the PS3 and an attached controller.