How to hook up apple tv to my mac

We don't have a gigabit wireless connection, my wireless is is about 50 Mbs and Usb 3. Last edited: Nov 9, Lars-Steenhoff , Nov 9, Joined: Sep 27, Posts: Last edited: Dec 10, Lars-Steenhoff , Dec 8, Joined: Jan 17, Posts: 1.

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Hey guys, does anyone know how can I connect my apple 4k to the itunes on my mac? Joined: Mar 30, Posts: 2. Thanks for the info! It's much easier and it works without any bugs, fast and simple in use.

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Plus it's compatible with dozens of different devices that work on the basis of dlna, not only Apple TV 4k. I personally have a Smart TV at home and stream wirelessly all the media that is stored on Mac.

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Thank you for the valuable info! Personally, I'd also add to this article the apps that can wirelessly stream your meadia to different devices.

If you have an Apple TV 4K

That's better than spend lots of money on adapters or different sorts of cables. Plus, they both work pretty good, haven't noticed any bugs. You must log in or sign up to reply here. With the app, you can quickly connect to your computer's display for viewing photos or videos or just mirroring your phone's display.

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Download and install the Reflector 2 app. You don't need to install anything extra on your iPhone.

How To Connect a MacBook to A TV or Monitor

With the Reflector 2 running on your computer and it and your iPhone connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you simply need to swipe up on your iPhone for the Control Center and then find the computer running Reflector 2 in the AirPlay menu. The app mirrors your iPhone's display but is smart enough to switch to a larger, resizable window when you are viewing photos or watching a video.

On a Mac, Reflector 2 adds an icon to the menu bar where you can hit an eject button to disconnect. The menu-bar window also provides buttons to record your display and stream to YouTube Live. For screen mirroring, you can choose an iPhone frame to add a little polish. In Reflector 2's Preferences, you can choose a default resolution for AirPlay and password protect your connection on the Connection tab.