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I have may I-bonds I have purchased online, and some are in 'odd' denominations, i. Surely that can be fixed, or perhaps I have missed a setting or something?

If you have to ask "Is a Target Date fund right for me? I must have done something wrong. It just worked for me using only issue date.

I like it and find it easier to use and more information than the free sites. Spreadsheets are good at multiplying if you are keeping track of your bonds in one and the multiplier is not as easy as It differs from the Savings Bond Calculator and Savings Bond Wizard in a couple of ways: Computes the values for twelve months at a time instead of only one.

Savings Bond Calculator

Works with any denomination; not just the ones that paper bonds were issued in. Here is a sample screen shot: The values agree with one row from my web pages that show the entire history of an I Bond. Last edited by Cruncher on Fri Aug 10, pm, edited 1 time in total. In that case, an insurance company will have to make good on the bond if the municipal defaults. The U. Treasury Department issues Treasury bonds. These bonds are the safest of the safe.

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Treasury bonds pay interest every six months until they mature, which happens in year terms. The biggest factor to look out for is whether the company can actually pay its bonds.

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A longer duration translates to greater fluctuation when interest rates change. When interest rates rise, the value of a bond falls.

How to Calculate the Value of Your Paper Savings Bonds - savings bond calculator

Bonds are generally considered a far safer investment than stocks. Having a mix of bonds and stocks in your portfolio is a good way to take advantage of the relative safety and stability of bonds, while taking potentially money-making risks with stocks.