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How could Apple leave this bug unfixed? I searched the Apple Support Communities. Clearly other people were affected by this. As soon as the first The iMac I am putting this on is the whole house iTunes media server, I was risking wife and kid wrath making this move. They do not tolerate beta.

Early I started to panic. Could If you've ever been to an Apple developer event, you know they say if you have any questions just email them. I've always admired that, and wouldn't know if I would feel comfortable if I were in those shoes encouraging public emails for help.

Seagate GoFlex External 1TB Drive & OS X … - Apple Community

On August 30, , I emailed Michael Jurewitz out of desperation: Hi Mike, Can you figure out what the real status is of Radar ? In short, the external drive where I keep a huge chunk of my files, including my code, keeps randomly ejecting a dozen or more times a day. Never happened in Snow Leopard. I hated to even think to ask you, but I filed this bug close to 3 months ago and it's driving me crazy.

If anything it's gotten worse in the latest Yes I am on the bleeding edge hoping this one bug gets fixed.

Warning About Seagate Diagnostics & Mountain Lion

Thanks so much, Dave I couldn't stand sending that email. I just about cried when I got the automated Out of Office reply. What was I going to do now? I remembered that I could email Apple and ask for a status update on the bug. I did that and hoped for the best, but I couldn't take it anymore, time to start deep debugging to prove whether it was anything specific to my environment. Deep Debugging OS X is really not that complicated. Here's the rough outline: Verify your System disk for any corruption Repair Disk Permissions Create a new user account and see if you can reproduce the bug Install a new copy of the current OS on an internal disk partition and see if you can reproduce the bug Remove anything 3rd party that starts up with the OS one at a time until the bug stops such as: I installed Lion, external disk started randomly ejecting, case closed it's an OS bug!

How To: Boot Mac OS From An External SSD

But I started going through the whole debugging sequence just to be extra double sure this wasn't specific to my environment. I executed steps and reproduced the bug. I was even more certain this had to be a Lion bug.

Unable to write to Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex

With a bare OS X install, the external disk was randomly ejecting. This is the smoking gun right? I went through all the 3rd party code in step 5 that was loading on my system. Something interesting caught my eye.

Technology veteran Christopher Price tackles the rest of tech.

Lion wasn't loading some Seagate kernel extensions since they didn't include bit versions. I went out to Seagate's site, and found GoFlex for Mac 1.

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Normally when debugging something, you try and remove 3rd party stuff to fix a problem, you don't add it back in. Besides, when I skimmed the description of this software, the usefulness of the package seemed limited to Drive Settings and Diagnostics , the only capitalized words in the summary that weren't MacOS or GoFlex.

I'm sure I was trying to figure this out one night bleary eyed well past midnight, so I was probably in a hurry due to exhaustion and didn't feel like reading the paragraph, my mistake!

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I put the problem on hold for a few more days. A few days go by, I install the latest During one of these sessions, it dawned on me that it looks like the drive is getting ejected if it's not being used. There is some kind of sleep timer being fired! What you need, is to download the GoFlex for Mac original software installer , and run Seagate Diagnostics that comes with that.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. You are here: To help monitor the drives remotely, I then downloaded and installed Seagate Diagnostics. Kernel panic.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go clean up the mess made on my boot drive. Share this: Email Print Tweet. This was useful in preparing to upgrade my iMac to Mountain Lion. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.